Early Audition: Bearthoven, Trios

Formed in 2013, Bearthoven has built up an estimable repertoire of fresh pieces for an instrumentation that’s canonical among jazz circles, but uncommon within the concert-music world. Listen to an exclusive stream of a Fjóla Evans piece on Bearthoven’s debut album, ‘Trios,’ courtesy of Cantaloupe Music.

Album Review: PRISM Quartet, Color Theory

The four members of PRISM Quartet have been singleminded in their pursuit of new sonic and stylistic frontiers for their mutual instrument of choice, the saxophone. Alongside strictly four-part inventions, PRISM has engaged in eye- and ear-opening collaborations with other artists and ensembles. Disparate though all these projects might be, what they all share in common is an enviable combination of integrity, individuality, and instant appeal.

Album Review: Kelly Moran, bloodroot

What does a breakthrough sound like? To borrow a tetchy old turn of phrase, you might not know how to define it, but you know when you hear it. And bloodroot, newly released by Kelly Moran, a New York-based composer and multi-instrumentalist, absolutely qualifies.