Variations: Kate Outterbridge – Fostering Creativity and Communal Presence Through Music

“We will deepen the connection between music and mental health through a residency that offers musical performances and group exercises that inspire the creative process, fostering a safe space for openness and expression.” This ambitious statement reflects the mission of my string quartet as we aspire to design a residency program within a hospital setting this spring.

Spektral Quartet: Celebrity for a Day, Feldman for Six Hours

I can’t think of any more profound contradiction to the Grammys than Morton Feldman’s Quartet No. 2. You may have heard that our album ‘Serious Business’ was nominated this year in the Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble category. Our good buddies (and Chicago neighbors) in Third Coast Percussion took home the prize for their superlative Steve Reich album… and we took home some indelible memories.

Finding Relevance and Revelation in Jim Crow-era Black Press Arts Coverage

On March 10 and 11, scholars from various academic disciplines and institutions will gather at Yale University for an interdisciplinary conference that will explore coverage of the arts in African American newspapers and magazines between Reconstruction and the end of legalized Jim Crow segregation in the 1960s. Over the course of two days and 12 panel sessions, participants will delve into the many ways in which the arts appeared in a perhaps paradoxically flourishing black press during this era.