Wolf Parade: Vanishing Creative Communities and the Privilege of Making Art

Ahead of Wolf Parade’s show at Brooklyn Steel Oct. 21, members Dan Boeckner and Spencer Krug talk about about privileged classes making art, vanishing creative communities, and what it takes to stare down the political zeitgeist through song.

Early Audition: Nicholas Deyoe, for Duane

Listen to an exclusive full-album stream of ‘for Duane’ by composer Nicholas Deyoe, due Oct. 20 on Populist Records, and read about the personal relationships that shaped the music.

Early Audition: ensemble, et al., The Slow Reveal

Stream an exclusive preview track from ‘The Slow Reveal,’ the forthcoming second album by percussion-heavy post-rock quartet ensemble, et al.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith: Getting in Touch with The Kid Inside

Genre labels like “ambient” and “New Age” begin to describe the lucid, transportive nature of the warm tones Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith produces, but fail to emphasize her focus on song structure and composition.

Early Audition: Steven Mackey and Jason Treuting, Orpheus Unsung

Listen to an exclusive full-album stream of Orpheus Unsung, a new instrumental opera by electric guitarist Steven Mackey and drummer Jason Treuting, due Oct. 6 on New Amsterdam Records.

Deerhoof: Communal Composition, Lyrical Abstraction, and Creative Survival

For 23 years, the members of mercurial quartet Deerhoof have shaped their angular art-rock into a singular sound, a living organism running strong on compositional collaboration and sheer willpower. The band’s latest LP, Mountain Moves, poses many questions about what life in America looks like post-November 2016.

Annea Lockwood: Sound in Nature and the Nature of Sound

Annea Lockwood would rather leave interpretations of her music up to other people. “I’m always preoccupied with making the latest piece,” she says. She’ll be introducing a new work, Bayou-Borne, for Pauline, at Issue Project Room on Sept. 29, the first night of the two-evening FOR/WITH mini-festival.

In Review: Basilica Soundscape: With Careful Curation Comes Logic in Listening

The sixth annual Basilica Soundscape festival marked a cross-disciplinary merging of visual art, spoken word and musical performance at a 19th-century glue factory-turned performance space, an exploratory center for thoughtfully curated work at the vanguard of experimentation and confrontation

Edward Yim: Symphonic Dreams at the American Composers Orchestra

Edward Yim, recently named president of the American Composers Orchestra following prominent roles at the New York Philharmonic, Los Angeles Philharmonic, and New York City Opera, discusses the ACO’s new season and institutional aspirations.

So Percussion: David Lang, Music, Mentorship and Emotional Rescue

Developing a career as an artist carries a certain pressure to project inevitability. So Percussion is in the fortunate position of now having a stable career and an established vision. Writing now, I can’t think of how any of this would have happened without David Lang.