Meet the NS Artist-in-Residence: Abraham Brody, Meditative Explorer

The violinist and composer Abraham Brody felt compelled from an early age to seek out his cultural roots – a journey that has taken him via Vienna to Vilnius and points far beyond, and seen him collaborate with Siberian shamans and the celebrated performance artist Marina Abramović.

Performance Response: Wordless Music Orchestra Plays ‘Jackie’

Live-scoring concerts commonly pair up silent movies with small orchestras. You can’t drown out a silent film and you can’t really get it wrong, since any pairing of sound and image takes you towards a reading.…What the Wordless Music Orchestra pulled off on Friday at National Sawdust was something else entirely.

Meet the NS Curator: David Krakauer, Klezmer Activist

Globally renowned as a clarinet virtuoso and klezmer maverick, David Krakauer discusses his artistic and cultural journey, the artists and programs he’ll bring to National Sawdust, and the ACLU/NYCLU benefit concert he’ll present on Sept. 24 at Symphony Space.

National Sawdust Announces Season 3: Origins

National Sawdust (NS), the unparalleled artist-led incubator in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, has announced the theme of its third season: Origins. Bringing its progressive values to the forefront, the non-profit assembles an extraordinary lineup of multicultural curators from six continents, whose programming celebrates diversity in culture through diversity in music.

In Review: Handel’s Aci, Galatea e Polifemo

“Resist!” could be the 21st-century motto of Handel’s serenata Aci, Galatea e Polifemo, a mythological story of steadfast love cleverly interpreted by the director Christopher Alden as a modern-day tale of bullying and manipulation. The staging, co-produced by countertenor Anthony Roth Costanzo, Cath Brittan, the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, and National Sawdust, completes its brief run this week.

Anthony Roth Costanzo and Christopher Alden: The Timeless, Timely Handel

A curator at National Sawdust from its inception, Anthony Roth Costanzo fashioned one of the most striking presentations of the young organization’s inaugural season with ‘Orphic Moments.’ Now, Costanzo returns to offer Handel’s ‘Aci, Galatea e Polifemo,’ a seldom-encountered dramatic serenata, staged by Christopher Alden, one of the opera world’s most insightful, inventive directors.

Vijay Iyer: Taking Stock of the Ojai Music Festival Experience

“My approach was that, instead of genre, we should talk about community,” Vijay Iyer told a near-capacity crowd that filled a local community center in Ojai, California, on a hazy but pleasant Thursday afternoon in early June. The audience had gathered to get to know Iyer: a celebrated composer, improviser, pianist, and bandleader, and the music director of the 2017 Ojai Music Festival. What distinguished a community, he explained, is that it is intergenerational, and continually renewing. The resulting aesthetic, he said, might be one of “openness, welcome, and tolerance.”

Jen Shyu: Telling Personal Stories in Global Dialects

Nine Doors, a full length, multilingual, ritual music drama by Jen Shyu, came about as the result of a self-issued artistic challenge. “I wanted to write for as big a group as I could,” Shyu says, “and then distill it down to a solo.” The new project will have its premiere on June 29 in two concerts at National Sawdust, co-presented with World Music Institute and in association with Asia Society.

Ian Rosenbaum: Inviting Composers to Play in the Percussionists’ Sandbox

“Our mission, our goal as an ensemble, is to play percussion music that we feel is as good as any other chamber music for any other instruments that is being written now, and get it in front of people who have never heard it before,” Ian Rosenbaum declares of Sandbox Percussion, the esteemed quartet of which he’s a member. The group appears at National Sawdust on June 7, playing works by Christopher Cerrone and Timo Andres.

Ellen Reid and Matt Cook: Conjuring the American Dream and Virtual Reality

Percussionist Matt Cook and composer Ellen Reid have known each other since their days as graduate students at CalArts, and have been regular, close collaborators ever since. Reid is in residence at National Sawdust this season, and this week brings an east coast rendezvous when Los Angeles Percussion Quartet performs Reid’s Fear | Release during the group’s New York debut concert, at National Sawdust on June 1.