R. Andrew Lee: Maximal Minimalist on the Facebook Frontier

Ask any musician who makes a habit of playing so-called minimalist music, in any of the various shades and permutations of that term, about the secrets to success; the answer likely would involve qualities like patience, stamina, perseverance, and faith in the value of the undertaking. Look at the burgeoning career of R. Andrew Lee, a pianist and pedagogue whose sterling reputation largely resides in his exemplary performances and recordings of minimal music, and you see precisely the same qualities in play.


Lea Bertucci, Alex Mincek, Miles Mosley, Katharina Rosenberger, Jute Gyte, Alan Gilbert, and other striking sounds heard lately at Night After Night HQ.

Harold Meltzer and Paul Appleby: The Art of Text Setting

On March 26 at National Sawdust, the composer Harold Meltzer will celebrate his 50th birthday with a program of two substantial recent works. Meltzer sat down recently for an interview conducted by the acclaimed tenor Paul Appleby, a longtime colleague, who questioned him thoroughly regarding his musical development, textual inclinations, compositional influences, and creative process.


Luke Martin, John Adams, Áine O’Dwyer, Steve Flato, and other striking sounds heard lately at Night After Night HQ.

Kathryn Spellman Poots: Iran, Integration, and Nowruz

“When you look at the Muslim populations in different Western countries, every Muslim community in every Western country has a different experience, based on the way that religion is situated within that country’s frame,” Dr. Kathryn Spellman Poots observed during a recent interview. Rather than examining those differences closely, she says, Islam too often is characterized as a singular source of fundamentalist oppression and sectarian violence, a view that results in prejudice and irrational fear, as well as heavy-handed attempts at erecting barriers to no one’s benefit.

Sarah Kirkland Snider and Nathaniel Bellows: Memories of Unremembered

An hourlong cycle of 13 songs for three vocalists, chamber orchestra, and electronics, ‘Unremembered’ is the most extensive project to date from the composer Sarah Kirkland Snider, who collaborated with an old friend and renewed acquaintance, Nathaniel Bellows, a noted poet, novelist, singer-songwriter, and illustrator. Now touring the piece, Snider and Bellows sat down recently to trawl through memories of ‘Unremembered.’

Kate Outterbridge: Fostering Creativity and Communal Presence Through Music

“We will deepen the connection between music and mental health through a residency that offers musical performances and group exercises that inspire the creative process, fostering a safe space for openness and expression.” This ambitious statement reflects the mission of my string quartet as we aspire to design a residency program within a hospital setting this spring.

Early Audition: Jasper String Quartet, Unbound

Among the top young string quartets now working the chamber-music circuit worldwide, Philadelphia’s award-winning Jasper String Quartet has made a habit of mixing canonical classics and freshly created fare. For its newest album, Unbound, the group opted try something novel, and to make a statement in the process.


Cameron Graves, Eva-Maria Houben, Alex Cline, the Art Ensemble of Chicago, and other striking sounds heard lately at Night After Night HQ.

Performance Response: Dave Douglas Metamorphosis

Reading down the list of collaborators Douglas assembled for the New York debut of Metamorphosis at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Appel Room on March 3, you knew instantly this would be no risk-averse affair. Alongside Douglas in the front line were trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith and saxophonist Oliver Lake, each an iconic bandleader who hailed from one of the formidable regional collectives that fomented stylistic revolutions during the late ’60s.