Performance Review: David Lang, the loser

If you’ve followed the career of Pulitzer Prize-winning composer David Lang for any significant amount of time, you might…umm…worry just a bit about a seeming preoccupation with cruelty that extends from early works up to his newest.

Allan Kozinn: Critics, composers, and performers

When people talk about the musical world, or part of it, as a “community,” the presumption is that they are speaking mainly of composers, performers and listeners. How critics fit into this community has long been a fraught question from just about every point of view.

Augusta Read Thomas and Doyle Armbrust: On the Ear Taxi Festival

Something peculiar has been incubating here in Chicago for decades now, something that doesn’t look or sound quite like any other new music community. And it is, at long last, getting top billing.


I can’t overstate how excited I was to see the graphic icon incorporated into the logo created by the design firm Strick&Williams for The Log Journal, our new journalism initiative at National Sawdust. The symbol – a whorl of tree rings subtly morphing into sound waves that radiate outward – is intrinsically cool, no question. […]